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40 Best & Easy Profitable DIY Crafts That Makes Most Money

What is Craft?

Craft is a creative imagination of the mind that is utilized in creating objects by way of various media.  Art can be anything from metal, wood, plaster or paper. In short, it can be said that craft is a creation of artwork that is explored and designed by the human mind. It is a profession that demands skills and creative know-how for making things with one’s own hands.

As these skills, namely; art, craft and design supports and services other subjects; it is also an introduction to potential careers pertaining to visual arts and creativity. Craft is a project which is fun-loving and at the same time can be made quickly and is easy to sell.

Let us have a look into some of the unique crafts to make and sell:

1. Easy Planters

Flowers have always been part of one’s lives as well as also decorate your house. The traditional planters are charming and give a modern touch, wherein some acrylic paints can also be used. I bet these plants will make for a super easy way to earn that extra cash!

2. Leopard Desk Pad

This pad adds a special personal touch to any room and turns the boring plain mouse pad into a comfortable and beautiful work of art!!

3. Hand Painted Footstool

The footstool is quite sturdy and can be used for sitting as well. It is a perfect piece of craft that can be gifted.

4. Miniature Clothespin Snowflakes

Adorn and beautify your tree with these handmade snowflakes. These cute little snowflakes look great on the Christmas tree.

5. Pencil Holder

A writer requires his/her needs – a pencil holder. They are the perfect place to keep it all – pens, pencils, highlighters, markers and more. It will look amazing and attractive as you can also personalize it with the teachers’ name and your school name.

6. Rustic Spring Mantle Decor

Spring mantles make everything look so beautiful! It could be a picture frame or a mirror or a piece of reclaimed wood or a chalkboard. It can be easily styled in numerous ways depending on the style. Paint it and wrap twine around both its ends for protecting it from scratches.

7. Easy Dream Banner

This cute little dream banner can be made to match any bedroom or could be created with different words.

8. Painted Pine Cone Wreath

There is never a wrong time for a wreath on your front door. Just hang up your painted pinecone wreath to add a festive touch to your front door!

9. Candy Bouquet

These are the best alternatives to flowers that never fade or die. It gives a lasting impression and is perfect for creative and non-creative people.

10. Board Game Jewelry

This game will work with everything from a checkers board to Candy land and is eco-friendly too.

11. Scout Board

It is comfortable as the user can carry it anywhere even on crowded public transportation. It can be easily folded and carried just like a skateboard. Your child is ready to roll without the fear of the little finger being caught!

12. Gingerbread Pudding Cups Tutorial

This is an activity that children and adults can engage in. It is very simple and amazing as well as affordable. These cups are fun for the kids and for the parties too.

13. Baby Bottle Sprinkles Centerpiece

As it is handmade, it is stylish, elegant and unique. This craft is a baby shower décor and at the same time is inexpensive too.

14. Reusable Dryer Sheets

Is made from all the natural ingredients such as distilled vinegar and essential oils. The cloths can be periodically washed.

15. Personalized Welcome Mat

Welcome your guests with this masterpiece!! This craft is fun loving and innovative and can be made with lots of designs and colors. You can make it the way you want as per your liking i.e. hard or soft for back and front door.

16. Glitter Coffee Mugs

The best thing about the glitter coffee mug is they come with a lid. Enjoy your day while you drink from a fancy mug.

17. Mother-Daughter Heart Pendants

These are the two separate necklaces featuring rose gold cut out heart disc for mother and a tiny heart charm for the daughter truly gives a touch of being unique.

18. T-shirt Pillow

A perfect pillow for your child’s bed or couch. Fluff that pillow of yours and get cozy with it.

19. Birthstone Bracelet

It symbolizes a brilliant, colorful expression of your spirit and personality. This craft is quite impressive as you can shower everyone with jewels!

20. Pearl Hairpins

They are extremely versatile wedding accessory and are elegant and delicate with a ton of sparkle made from simple metal hairpins and other easily available supplies.

21. Fruit Perler Bead Magnets

They appear vibrant and summery because of their bright and fruity designs. Back magnet on the back side of the fruit also makes it look more attractive.

22. Flower Pens

They can be used at the baby and bridal showers, birthday parties. They are the gateway for blossoming one’s creativity. It is less time consuming and a perfect gift too.

23. Easy Elastic Headband

Elastic headbands are versatile hair accessory and are much in use by young girls and women. Headbands are very useful for while doing sports and exercises. Various types of headbands are made from different materials.

24. Fabric and Lace Bow Tote

Since plastic bags don’t last, fabric bags guarantee long-term durability and withstand the greater weight and long distances. Lace bow tote makes a style statement for the younger genre.

25. Tic Tac Toe Board

This classic tic-tac-toe board is made of sustainable wood with lacquered touch and has an outstanding style. It helps in problem-solving skills as well as in abstract symbolic reasoning. It is easily portable and requires two players to play this game. The players choose their colored people to place them in the grid.

26. Rock Photo Holder

These crafts serve as a perfect homemade gift for father’s day/mother’s day, Christmas and also for a great summer camp craft!! This creative craft includes stones of various sizes and can be displayed at home for your special ones.

27. Studded iPhone Case

Various new designs have been created specifically for the iPhone. While the back of the iPhone is covered with durable glass, safeguarding your device with a case is indeed a brilliant idea! They are the durable and flexible case that grips around the edges of your phone.

28. Enamel Pin Banner

Pins are a great way to display your hobbies and other things that are an integral part of making you incredible and an amazing person.

29. Pop Socket

They are small plastic contraptions that ‘pop’ onto the back of your phone. It certainly reduces the risk of screen smash. They come in various colors and shapes to match with your clothes. They are popular, especially with the younger crowd.

30. Confetti Pencils

Colored pencils have come in a long way and in the hands of an experienced artist. They are portable, versatile and mix well with many mediums. They are also wonderful to use with the watercolor underpainting.

31. Paint Scrape Notecards

This easy scrape painting technique produces gorgeous abstract patterns in seconds. This technique is easy and a fun project to do with the kids. This process can be as basic or sophisticated as per your needs.

32. Birdseed Ornaments

It is an easy project with lots of decorations and a perfect craft for decorating a Christmas tree for the birds. They are extremely simple and easy to make and even hold their shape perfectly.

33. Bib Overalls Upcycled Purse

These purses/bags are comfortable to keep to yourself, give as gifts or sell them at craft fairs. You can always cut off your worn out pairs into bib overall shorts and if there is none to pass on, the good idea is to make them into a super cool bag/purse.

34. Etched Drinking Glasses

They are affordable as well as easy to make. There are endless possibilities with the etched glasses and it makes easy personalized gifts. There is a great way to personalize wine glasses or cocktail glasses with names or sayings.

35. Chalkboard Tray

Chalkboard trays are simply amazing, fun and at the same time useful and inexpensive. You can craft designs, write inspiring messages as well as scribble reminders or other notes on your tray.

36. Rustic Wooden Tealight Holders

It is firm and stable and looks amazing in a rustic wedding table set, lodge, rustic kitchen or dining room. It looks artistic and unique for all occasions and always in trend.

37. Pottery Fruit Bowls

These crafty bowls are inexpensive and easy to make. There are various types of fruit bowls such as – glass fruit bowl, metal fruit bowl, vintage fruit bowl, and wooden fruit bowl.

38. Vintage Button Necklace

Buttons are a fun, inexpensive craft medium that can be used for any number of different jewelry projects including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, pin rings, and hairpins and are easy to make.

39. Monogrammed Welcome Mat

Is made with a heavy rubber backing that anchors it in place while you dust off the dirt from your shoes. It is simple, easy as well as useful for all in general.

40. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are the perfect piece for a wedding, festival or any such occasion. Moreover, it is the simplest crafts and can be made in different variations. It can be made in a very easy manner and is also simple to maintain.
To sum up, there are end numbers of crafts with end number of ideas. The only effort required is to give them a touch of creativity to adorn and beautify them and to display the ideas in order to sell these crafts.

How To Make Money Woodworking From Home?

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you can start a woodworking business from home. The market is huge for crafts and homemade items.

People want to make their living space and other parts of the home more appealing by buying wooden products.  With the right tools and talent, you will be able to create interesting woodworking projects and sell to the customers.

How To Set Up The Business?

Setting up a business is not easy. You should have a solid plan before you dive into it. Here are some things you need to consider before starting your woodworking business.

Target Audience

You should first decide on your target audience. You can sell normal furniture for home and office, or make customized cabinets or other specialized items.

 You can also choose to serve a smaller niche by crafting jewelry box, photo frames, etc.


You should then set up a budget and collect the right tools needed for the woodworks. You will find different woodworking kits in the market and these can be very handy.

 As you are going to do the business from home, reserve a separate room for your work.

Have A Schedule

Though you will be working from home, you still need to complete a project in a timely manner. As you will become more expert at your work, you will be able to complete the projects more quickly.

But you should remember that no compromise should be made on quality. Even if it takes longer than expected, your finished product should be of very high quality.

Note Everything Down

Woodworking is all about creativity. You should note down the techniques used and the time taken to complete each project.

That way you will be able to make similar products again and also improve your work and timing. It will also save you a lot of time as you won’t have to rethink how to craft that particular woodwork.

Selling Platform

After you craft the products, you will need to create a website to sell them. Your friends and family should be your first customers.

Before starting to sell your products, you can start gifting your creations to people. That way you will be creating a market for yourself and by word of mouth other people know about your work.

You should hire a professional to create an attractive website for you where you will be able to showcase your masterpieces.

You should make sure that your product photos are of very high quality. Besides selling the products on your own website, you can sell it to third-party websites like Etsy.

You can also participate in local fairs and sell your crafts there.

Once you are able to grab the attention of audiences with your wonderful woodworks, you will be able to earn a lot of money.

One important advice you should always remember that no matter how much your business grows you shouldn’t hire someone else to do the job.

Woodworking is a creative work and it’s only your creativity and talent that will turn the woods into something wonderful. You will ruin your reputation if someone else works on your behalf.

Product Ideas

You should look at the various woodworking sites and magazines to come up with some brilliant product ideas. Here are some woodworking ideas to make money for you:


Though you will find that people are mostly engaged with digital devices, there are still people who enjoy reading books. You can create a personalized bookshelf for individuals, libraries, schools, daycare centers, and even offices.

You should try to go beyond the traditional bookshelves and make bookshelves with cartoon characters, artistic designs, multiple functions, etc.

Corporate gifts

Businesses often have to impress their clients and suppliers by giving gifts. Wooden items are really good as gift items.

You can make wooden key chains, pens, coasters, wind chimes, pen holders, etc. as corporate gifts and sell them to different offices.

Display Blocks

Wooden display blocks are visually appealing. It can highlight your showpieces and improve the overall look of your space. You can create unique display blocks.

Jewelry Box

Wooden jewelry box has a lot of demand. You can make artistic and multifunctional wooden jewelry boxes to store jewelry, watch, etc. You can give mirror covers, unique lids, and other features to make the jewelry box more attractive.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are versatile and are always in demand. You can decorate the wooden picture frames with color and embellishments to make it more attractive.

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes hold plants. They also make your garden look prettier. You can make planter boxes in the shape of animals like chickens, dogs, etc. You can add wheels to the planter boxes as well.

Toys And Puzzles

The wooden toy market is huge and there are lots of opportunities to make money by making wooden toys. You can make wooden animals, puppets, dolls, cars, etc. You can also create wooden games like tic tac toe, chess, etc.

Coat Racks

A rustic coat rack can make a striking feature at your home. It is a very useful accessory and quite easy to build. You can make a good profit by selling coat racks.

Fruit Bowls

The fruit bowl is a popular wooden item at home. You can make eye-catching fruit bowl to keep fresh fruits. The colorful fruits will look great on the wooden bowl and it is a highly demanding wooden product.

Wooden Furniture

You can make tables, wardrobes, shelves, beds and other furniture using different types of wood. People are always looking for unique furniture to decorate their home.

If you can create some unique design then there will be a lot of demand for your furniture. You can also create customized furniture depending on the need and preference of the customers.

Wooden Utensils

Wooden utensils like spoons and forks look great on the table. These ornamental pieces attract the guests and you can easily sell these items. These are also functional as wood conducts heat more efficiently compared to the metal utensils.

Wine Racks

Who doesn’t want a nice wine rack at home? It not only looks good but also keeps the wine bottles in good condition. Making wine rack is very easy; you only need basic woodworking skills.

Besides making wooden products you can also provide repair and maintenance services for different wooden products. You can also earn money by taking online woodworking classes and teaching others this amazing art.

Marketing Your Woodworking Projects

So, you have created some outstanding wooden products, now comes the hardest part. You must market your product well so that customers come to buy your products.

Besides creating a great looking website you should also promote your products on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

You should start writing a blog about woodworking so that people find interest in what you do and how you do it. You can create tutorials for YouTube and show your skills.

Videos are very appealing and people will be more interested in your product watching your video.

Woodworking is a wonderful hobby and with passion and dedication, you can easily convert your hobby to a money making business.

You can run your business from home and lead a more flexible life, avoiding all those long hours of commuting and the urgency of meeting office deadlines.

It is a very rewarding career and there is lots of money earning opportunities out there.

DIY 2×4 Wood Projects For Outdoor Living That Sell

If you are searching for the best do it yourself 2x4 wood projects for outdoor living that sell well, then this is the right place for you!

The 2x4 do it yourself projects have become a craze for outdoor living areas. This is because homeowners have upgraded from the traditional outdoor living ideas of decorated flowers and idle verandas.

The DIY outdoor project involves recreating, decorating or improving simple wood designs that will help transform your outdoor living room.

The summer weather should inspire you to participate in some of the simple, affordable and sturdy 2x4 projects that will brighten your home.

Some of my favorite projects are building furniture such as chairs, benches, tables, and shelves. We will look at some of the complimentary 2x4 wood projects that you can incorporate in your outdoor living area using your own custom designs.

I hope these DIY ideas will prompt you to get dirty and start making your home better.

1. Wooden Decorative Décor

Wooden Decorative Décor

A decorative décor is a perfect way to show any displayed message you would want to mount in your compound. This 2x4 piece actually requires less dirty work because the decorative wood or block can be sourced from leftover pieces.

Here you may inscribe your own message, whether to appreciate family or use as a welcoming display for visitors and neighbors.

You are however required to scrap your message on a plain paper and glue the paper on your piece of the wooden decorative block with an adhesive preferably Mod Podge. This can be mounted on doors, walls or outdoor tables.

2. Quick And Simple Sawhorse

When engaging in woodworking operations, it might be a hustle to acquire a board or strong surface to sand and cut your wood pieces. The sawhorse is here to help you attain that and work with ease.

Generally, to purchase a sawhorse would estimate to approximately $50, which can be a total waste once you realize the simplicity of building this project.

 To begin with, its construction requires nailing the 2x4 pieces together using nails and wood boards. This strong piece will drive your worries away during sawing of your variety of outdoor projects.

This will also be efficient during future DIY projects when creating other spacious designs.

3. Bicycle Racks

You may be the kind of individual who constantly gets frustrated when your kids aimlessly litter their bikes once done with riding. This simple bike rack will save you from unnecessary aggravation in your home.

With your 2x4 wood equipment, you can construct a great bicycle rack in your porch or garage and help minimize cluttering of these cycling devices in your outdoor space.

Bicycle Racks

You just need to structurally design the rack and secure it with building nails or strong adhesive wood glue. Apart from this, the rack will help separate every individual’s bike as well as preventing them from toppling down when your kids are not using.

This will also ensure that no unexpected accidents occur in case the bikes are in the way around your compound.

4. A Wooden Outdoor Bench With A Side Table

The summer is screaming for outdoor activities, such as a perfect eat out, dining or recreational furniture in your compound. This wooden side table and table will help achieve your ideal outdoor dining or relaxing experience.

This may sound like tough or tedious effort; however, you can construct and design your table and side bench in just a weekend with minimal effort.

Once you understand the gist of your design, a few 2x4 wood pieces would be essential in nailing and fixing your DIY bench and table.

This project furthermore can benefit summer vibes activities which we expect during summer such as basking in the sun or enjoying a mojito with a book on your bench.

5. Rustic DIY Crate

Rustic DIY Crate

With a few wood materials and nailing equipment, you can create a simple rustic crate preferable with a farmhouse vibe or whichever design you prefer.

For homes that have a lot of tools or outdoor toys such as skateboards, this crate will be beneficial in storing your gears.

It does not require much expertise when constructing as long as you have an idea of the length and depth you desire for your crate.

Having an organized compound is a great sight even for outsiders. Therefore you should be well equipped with creating a simple crate for storage in your outdoor room.

6. Rustic Planter Box

Flower pots and vases will ultimately be an essential requirement for an outdoor space. This is because flowers or plants create a serene environment in homes.

The planter box is a beautiful centerpiece consisting of structurally bounded wood to create a hollow space for adding your vases and pots.

Rustic Planter Box

This simple transformation box will enable you to plant your crops on separate pots, bottles of vases and merge then inside the planter box.

Additionally, the rustic design will help maintain your planter box from appearing dirty due to the farmhouse appeal. You can place your rustic design around your compound or just at the entrance of your home.

7. Wooden Outdoor Lamps

Lighting your outdoor space is also important. This will help ensure your security and also beautify your home even in the night. Wooden outdoor lamps are such an easy creation since you can fix it using unused remaining pieces of your 2x4s.

You may, however, need a few lighting tools and a bulb to finish off your wooden lamp.

In another case, you can decide on using candles instead of bulbs to facilitate lighting of your lamp and later place it of your outdoor sitting deck or hang them around your fences or gate.

8. A DIY Wooden Jeep

DIY Wooden Jeep

You can actually decide to use your remaining 2x4 wood pieces to fix a toy jeep of the car for your child. This is a wood design toy car used during playtime.

It may require some time and strategic design influence to recreate this handmade toy.

Your child will, however, be appreciative and enjoy playing with it in your outdoor living space.

How To Cheaply DIY, Design And Build Your Shed From Scratch?

When you have a bigger yard surrounding the large house, you need to have a small shed in the outer space for a garage. Many are under the misconception that making a shed outside is an expensive affair. However, throughout the article you will learn to DIY and build a your very own shed from scratch at a cheaper price .

Before you read through the step by step guide for building a shed, it is equally important to know if building a DIY shed is cheaper? If yes how is it possible.

Is it cheaper to build your shed?

If you are thinking about building new shed yourself, this is the first question that crops up your mind. You should now be able to decide between building your shed or outsourcing to save a few bucks.

Choosing the building materials wisely will help you build the shed at a cheaper price. Choose the materials like OSB siding, wood foundation, cost-cutting custom door and easy arch top windows to make your shed construction cheaper.

On the whole, you have to act wisely in choosing materials to make shed construction less expensive over hiring a contractor to build the same.

Designing shed 

Pick the type of shed you want

This is the first step in the designing part. You have to choose the type and size of the shed depending on the material you want to store. If you are storing the items that need protection from dampness and external weather conditions, you may perhaps have to consider insulating it.

Create a sheds plan

Get the blueprint of the shed to ensure it is strong and durable. The blueprint also helps in fetching the necessary resources and keeping them handy to complete the job on time. Don’t forget to check local regulations before you start the project to avoid any discrepancies later.

Choice of materials

This part of designing has a lot of importance. You have to choose the material depending on design as well as the type of design as well as personal preferences. If you are looking for solid construction, you can pick a brick, or if you are looking for a quick fix, wood would be a viable option.

However, you should ensure not to compromise on the roof of the shed because you don’t want dirt piling up in the shed. Considering wood pallets for the roof will not only make easy but also complete the project at a lower cost.

Building the shed

After designing part  is done , next comes the process of building. Here is step by step guide to help you build the shed in no time.

Laying the foundation

After you have sourced up the required material for building shed, you should start the project by laying the foundation. I recommend you to pick the location that is out of the way yet have a convenient accesses. The ground you choose to build the shed should be flat.

If it is not, consider digging it to make it flat. You can even consider placing a concrete block to make it flat. I then put the four flat large wooden pallets on the surface to build the foundation. If you plan for a large shed, consider placing four pallets, mine was small so, picked only two.

Add the floor

You should consider flooring the pallets with the plywood. Though there are many alternative options available, plywood tends to cheaper go. You should cut the size of the plywood to fit the pallet size and screw it into the place. Now, the floor of your garden shed is ready.

Frame up the walls and roof

You should start framing the sides of the garden shed. This length of the roof will be equal to the combined size of pallets at the bottom. Once you have these measurements, you have to cut in 2X4 range and lay it on the skinny part of the board supporting and screw it into the place.

The same process is repeated on the other side as well. Now, you have to decide the tall of the shed and work on the step. You will add the desired number of pallets to suit the height. You will make them stand vertically on the board and screw them up.

The job is done on both sides to support walls. You then have to use 2X4 cut wooden pallets to connect farming walls which turns the shape of a rectangle and give that desired support for the roof. Now, your garden frame up is ready, and you are on for the next job.

Add siding and roof

This is the most crucial and dangerous step of building the shed. You need to be extra cautious if you are handing with the metal. It has sharp cuts so, usage of gloves is recommended when you are on the job.

You need to cut the metal according to the width of your garden shed. Once they are made, I nailed them on the sides of the garden shed with the help of screws.

After you are done working on the sides and back of the shed, you should cut the material according to the size of the roof of the shed. While screwing them on the roof, be sure to overlap material to avoid any water seepage inside the shed during the rainy season.

Front door

Now comes your job of working on the front doors of the shed. The job is similar to framing the sides of the shed. You just need to frame it out and add metal siding. Alternatively, you can consider buying a readymade door too.

To keep your shed organised, you can consider having some wooden shelves to store items. You can also create a shelf bracket and place it on the wall for easy organising of things in your shed.

They can be a good storage space for nails and tools to keep them not only secure but also make them easy to accesses during garden work.

Here is a great video if you prefer watch a video instead.


There you have it! Those are the steps required to create your very own shed. If you are looking for a more detailed step-by-step shed plan, check out Teds' sheds plan to see if it's for you.

woodworking techniques

Best Wood Working Techniques In 2019

It does not surprise me that the popularity of wood working techniques has been growing in recent months and years.

Every day new woodworkers are taking up the hobby, and old woodworkers are picking up their tools again and getting a new woodworking project started.

Wood is a rough material which can give birth to very delicate patterns and items if it is crafted with patience and attention for details.

Wood working techniques can be assimilated to an art when the resulting items feature details and are extremely refined. In order to come to craft such items, you have to go through woodworking techniques of various level of difficulty.

Below shows some of the best examples of woodworking techniques you can craft if you are passionate about this activity. They are presented starting with the simplest ones, which do not require previous experience in wood crafting.

1. Cutting

The simplest woodworking techniques are probably those made through cutting. They require basic drawing and cutting skills.

Even if the drawing is not among your strengths, you can still go for this kind of designs, by simply transferring them on the piece of wood from a picture, with the help of transparent paper.

After the drawing is ready, cut it out, by following the outline.

For this kind of project, it is recommended to use thin plywood and some sharp little saws. After cutting, you can go on embellishing the woodworking designs you have made by painting and drawing on them.

Through this technique, you can craft wall and door hanging decoration items or smaller wooden shapes to use for embellishing other items.

For example, you can create flowers and glue them on a wood photo frame.

2. An Intricate Design

An intricate design is another woodworking advanced techniques. This kind of wood working techniques can be simple basic shapes like squares, circles, stars, hearts patterns like floral garlands or landscapes. The best intricate techniques generally made utilizing the sharp cut tools.

3. Shaped woodworking

Through the use of a special device called lathe, one can create shaped woodworking techniques. The lathe is used for turning a stock of wood at a certain speed and by applying a certain pressure on it, depending on its size.

By using this technique, one can obtain cylindrical and round items like table legs, bawls, cups, sculptures.

4. Intarsia Wood Working

Intarsia wood working techniques are one of the finest arts made in wood. Intarsia woodworking techniques need the improved carving and painting skills. It can lead to the creation of complex scenes, landscapes and even portraits.

Creating intarsia woodworking techniques is a highly creative craft, but even if you are not an imaginative person, and have the skills needed for performing it, you can still enjoy its benefits, by taking ready-made patterns.

5. Pergola Woodworking

This technique includes; the tools lists, materials lists, clear and simple details, and budget conscience.

Everyone has their own personal preferences, so keep those in mind as well when choosing your plans. By setting these guidelines you will be less likely to waste your time or money on plans that wind up being useless.

If pergola wood working techniques are too complicated is, you won’t follow them or you won’t complete your pergola as soon as you could have.

You may even give up on it altogether because you are having too much difficulty following the plans. You want to make sure that your design plans are well laid out and organized.

The major benefit of this is that you will be able to see what you will need at a glance, get all your materials and tools ready and then complete your project on time.

The organization makes things run smoothly, and any woodworking project that runs smoothly is always a good thing!

Make sure that any pergola woodworking techniques you look at contain these basic essentials. You don’t want to get in the middle of building your pergola only to find that the plans leave out a vital piece of information

Pergola wood working techniques come in all skill levels, from beginner to expert. No matter what your skill level is, you will want to get the best set of detailed plans you can find.

The more detailed and clearly written the plans, the smoother your project will go.

These serve as the major woodworking techniques. Choose one, upon your skills, preferences, and talent in crafting wood.

Also below shows, some safety information who wants to start a woodwork projects needs to know.

Wear safety equipment always

When working in a workshop, you get to drill holes, cut materials, use nails, use screws and even ferry materials from one location to another.

When performing these tasks, you get to expose your eyes, your ears, your hands and even body to wayward.

Always disconnect the power after using a tool

Power tools are very helpful as they help to cut and drill holes very easily. There are times when you will have to change the drill bit or the blades.

During this time, you need to ensure that the power tool is switched off both at its switch and at the power source.

Doing so will ensure that no power flows through it and in case of turning it on accidentally, no injuries will occur.

Use sharp blades and bits

When drilling holes and cutting materials, you need to make sure that the saws and the drills are fitted with sharp blades and bits. Using dull tools with blunt blades and bits will make the work harder and dangerous too.

One will need to use much effort in order to get a job done. This will result in a kickback which can lead to injuries on the hand.

To ensure that works are done faster; you need to invest in sharp blades and bits. You will cut materials and drill holes without experiencing any kickback force from the equipment.

Keep children away from the workshop

When you invest in your home workshop, you need to keep children away from the cutting and drilling equipment.

These are powerful tools which have sharp blades and bits. If turned on accidentally, they will injure a person when handled incorrectly.

If you want to become a complete pro in woodworking, then Ted’s program is for you.

Complete Woodworking Guide For Beginners 2019

photo of woodworking

There’s nothing more gratifying than creating your own wooden picture frame or a beautifully crafted beer mug that you can brag about in front of your guests.

As someone rightly said woodworking is cheaper than therapy. It can become a medium to release your stress and feel a sense of achievement when you successfully complete a DIY project.

Whether you take up woodworking as a hobby or career, both amateur and professional woodworkers experience immense pleasure when they give shape to lifeless wood and turn them into admirable objects.

Knowing the woodworking basics can also save a lot of money as you can fix broken furniture and other wooden items at home.

If you are just starting off in this field, let me tell you that woodworking for beginners can be fun and absolutely rewarding. However, here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid confusion and take things slowly at a time.

Buy The Right Woodworking Tools

Many people shy away from woodworking because they believe it’s an expensive hobby requiring thousands of dollars worth of woodworking tools.

As a beginner, we recommend that you only buy the most essential tools for your kit and then add on to your treasure as you get better at it. In this woodworking guide, we have listed the most important tools you will need to get started:

Cordless Power Drill

You will need this for most DIY woodworking projects. This investment will last for long and will not break the bank.

Cutting tools

While there are several types of cutting tools available to give intricate shapes to wood. At the beginner’s level, we would recommend the three most essential cutting tools – hand saws, jigsaws, and circular saws, as they are considerably cheaper and work for most DIY projects.

Hand saws are non-powered and they are used for cutting any type of wood in a not-so-perfect line.

Jigsaws can be used to cut wood in interesting patterns and shapes. The blades are interchangeable allowing you to swap them between projects. The curricular saws are the more heavy-duty tools used for cutting wood in perfect straight line.


You will need different types of screws to connect the pieces of wood together to give them beautiful shapes.

When you are learning woodworking basics, make sure you have a collection of different screws such as wood screws, sheet metal screws, machine screws, and drywall screws.


Woodworking for beginners tend to be an enjoyable hobby and it becomes more satisfying when you are able to give a smooth finish to your projects.

To achieve that flawless look, you will need sanding material to smoothen out the splinters and burs caused by wood cutting and drilling of holes.

Hand sanders are the cheapest option available. Orbital sanders are for the next level and they use sanding disks for better control.

Belt sanders are heavy-duty tools meant for the professionals. They can chew a lot of wood within minutes.


This is the last and perhaps one of the most important woodworking basics that you need to perfect as a beginner. The exterior painting on the finished product can make or break the look so choose paint wisely.

The two most commonly used paints in woodworking projects are oil-based paints and latex paints. The oil-based paint comprises of paint and mineral oil.

It adheres well to the surface and gives a glossy finish to the product; however it is difficult to clean. Latex is a cheaper water-based paint that adheres to any surface and it is easier to clean with soap and water.

Best Ways To Learn Woodworking For Beginners In 2018

From the time immemorial people have been using wood for different purposes. The furniture we are using and the cabinets we are using are products of wood.

The act of making products out of wood using tools is call woodwork. In fact, historically woodwork is among the first activities of man.

They were using wood for different purposes, for instance, they were using to make weapons and ancient tools used majorly for farming. Over time woodwork has increased in use.

In fact, with the onset of computers and the rising demand for wood products, woodwork industry has continued to thrive.

For instance, the introduction of computer numeric controlled machines has changed the woodwork industry significantly.

What used to take ages to be produced are now produced within hours or days. What is even more appealing is the fact that there is little to no waste from the utilization of this machine.

Not forgetting the designs which were almost impossible to be done by human hands initially. With these machines, you can produce any design you want.

The technology has not taken everything though, humanly crafted furniture still remains a high demand for most people.

In fact, very many people yearn to have the human art that comes with hand making furniture. So, where do you start your woodwork journey?

Enroll In A Course

Why don’t you start your journey by enrolling for a simple woodwork course? There are very many institutions offering quality courses tailored to beginners.

Normally their classes last for a short period, less than a year. What is even more interesting is the fact that these courses give you hands-on skill to work on wood.

The form a solid foundation for your woodwork career. These courses introduce you to work with basic hand-held power tools like saws, planers, lathes, and drillers.

The course will also introduce you to basics from making straight cuts to using routers to making miters. What is more? You can get online courses. To remove your worries on doing an online course in such a practical class, what is done is that you take your theory class online but practical is taken in a workshop.

Therefore, the basic foundation of your woodwork career is enrolling in that class which is a get-way to your dream destination.

Start A Project To Gain Hands-on Experience

Should you choose to operate your own workshop, it is always advisable to have a working plan. Starting woodwork projects can seem overwhelming sometimes. Here is a video that can help you get some ideas.

You think of where you start and the tools which may not be having at the time. But guess what, it is far much easier than you think.

So stop talking yourself down and start with the little you have. As the old adage goes Rome was not made in one day, so do you.

Think about taking your kids to an event or taking your loved one on a date and get out of bed. Imagine, as long as you have a saw, palm sander, miter saw and some few hand-tools you are good to go. It is that simple.

The joy of starting small is the fact that you enjoy yourself up. It also teaches you the virtue of humility as you watch yourself grow.

So what are some of the simple projects woodwork beginner can tap from? Take a look:

1. Shelves

Take projects that are simple and doesn’t take time to make but at the same time gets people asking “who designs that?” pallet shelf is very much easy to make and you will spend almost nothing if you have your own pallets.

2. Woodcraft box

These are simple and easy to make a wood box for beginners. They are used to store tiny things in the house like keys.

3. Sofa cup holder

Honestly, if you can’t joint 3 kinds of wood together and create a hole then this field is probably too much for you.

4. Candleholder

This is another simple to make a piece of art and yet so creative. And who doesn’t use candles? From candlelit dinners to church to ceremonies to offices.

So the next you think you are too big for such a project, think about the opportunities dangling before your nose.

5. Address number wall planter

All you need here is little to no skills at all. I mean who doesn’t know how to design such a thing? And yet its opportunities are limitless.

Add some flavor to your designs by being a little bit creative and you will have clients fighting for your products.

6. Wooden phone holder

Some people call it a wooden phone dock. Whichever, you get the idea? It is a simple wood which has been dug to create a drill along to hold a phone.

It is just amazing what people can create when they are given a piece of wood.

7. Simple boxes

This probably the best place to start from. It is very easy to make and doesn’t take much of your time.

8. Wooden arrow wall art

Anyone can make this. They are arrows showing directions, probably office direction, made from wood. It doesn’t require cracking your brain so much and it won’t definitely stress you.

9. Wooden birdhouse

Think about that project you did as scout back in time. Probably this one tops the list. It is an amazing project for the kids and start-ups.

10. Wine rack from wood

Many people nowadays like displaying their wine bottles and the creative way to do this is by using wood racks. Such an easy project, don’t you think?

The problem with most people is that they like to complicate themselves so much. But you know what life is already complicated to complicate it more. Think easy and you will be rewarded.

Woodworking Gift Ideas

As a budding master woodworker, you will realize that the hobby can quickly turn into a passion. If there’s space available, you may consider setting up a small woodworking shop in your backyard or garage where you can churn out cool gifts for your family and friends.

As a beginner, you can start by creating wooden picture frames which are the easiest and most common of all woodworking gifts.

As you gain experience, you can try your hand at creating more intricate woodworking gift items such as handcrafted jewelry box, classic storage bins, beer mugs, tiered planter boxes, bird houses, and doll houses.

The sky is the limit when it comes to learning new things and acquiring new skills in woodworking. You just need to let loose your creative spirit and have oodles of patience to start creating masterpieces.

You will find several woodworking guides and online videos that can help you increase your knowledge, hone your skills, and add more DIY project ideas in your arsenal.

So if you were still undecided on how to go about your woodwork journey, I hope this article has dispelled some fears you were having.

Starting up may look so scary but once you have started you will find things moving smoothly by themselves.

As long as you have some basic tools and a small shop you are good to go. You have enormous opportunities especially when you think of massive marketing you can do over the internet.

As you get better at woodworking, you may consider taking up more complex projects such as making bookcases, footbridges and other garden structures over the weekends to turn dull areas into breathtaking spaces that make onlookers go wow!

If you want a complete and affordable training, we recommend Ted’s woodworking. Click here to see our full review of the program.

beautiful woodworking projects that sell

20 Top Selling Woodworking Items In 2019


Looking for the best and profitable woodworking projects that sell very well? It might not be an easy task but you can be assured that it is not something difficult as well.

Hi I'm Andrew. That's me on the left 🙂

I have 23 years of woodworking and carpentry experience. So you can count on my experience in this field.

You might already be working on certain woodworking projects and you might be extremely passionate about it.

In order to sell your woodworking projects, you have to be passionate and dedicated to your work and know the types of projects that you can work on.

Without further ado, here are the 20 best selling wood projects in 2019!

1. Building a Storage Bed

You can consider building a storage bed of the size that you want. Ensure that your bed is elegant and classy so that it can be sold easily.

You can make a queen sized bed, which is perfect and can attract the customers, thereby allowing you to make money.

You can pair the bed with the help of the favorite headboards, which makes the bed functional and attractive.

If you are thinking that you need to be a professional to build this bed, you are wrong. If you are aware of certain basics, you can do it without any hassle.

2. Building an Outdoor Sofa

It is true that nothing can be better in comparison to enjoying the summer evenings lounging on the comfortable sofas.

If you purchase a piano sofa, there is no doubt about the fact that it will be costly. However, if you make it on your own, you can not only use it, but you can also make money off it.

You require beefed size of wood and connect them with the lag screws, or you can also use nails, biscuits, and glue. This is one of the best woodworking projects that you can sell.

3. Crafting Rustic Pumpkins

Halloween around the corner or you want to build a few decorative pieces? Well, you can build the rustic pumpkins. This elegant pumpkin can be made out of a single block of wood and again, there is no need to be highly skilled for doing this.

You can easily build this in a single day or if you are new to this, you can do it in three or four days. If you are planning to be making money off of woodworking projects, this is something that you should definitely consider.

4. Swinging Bed

Swinging beds are also perfect woodworking ideas which you can profit from. You can lay down on the swing bed during the summer evenings if you love your project so much that you do not consider selling it.

For doing this project, you will not need a huge list of amazing skills. Only the basic skills of the woodworking projects will be enough.

Make this swinging bed and you will be amazed by the response that you get.

Click on the link below if you want more profitable ideas on what to build.

5. Building Pallet Dining Table

It might look difficult, but you need to know that it is not something very difficult. You can consider making this table if you are willing to sell a unique woodworking work.

It is not very difficult and you can do it within a day or two. Wooden dining tables are considered to be royal and elegant, and everyone will love purchasing this one.

6. Building Vertical Pallet Garden

During the summers, most people look for the vertical pallets for growing their plants. You can make the pallets out of the woodblocks and sell it.

This product will attract a number of buyers and you can be assured that you will be able to make money.

This is a trendy and popular project and also something extremely simple.

7. Building a Nightstand

There is not a single bedroom that does not have a nightstand. Many people are looking for the cheap wooden nightstands that look elegant and classy.

You can make a nightstand that will stand by the side of the bed, and have enough space for storing books and other things. A wooden nightstand cannot be replaced by anything else.

They can be created easily and in a cheap manner with the help of the wooden pallets. You can offer it for a low price in order to attract customers to buy this product.

This project will not only help in sharpening your skills but also make sure that you are making enough pocket money.

You can surf the internet for the designs and then select the one that you think is quick to pull through.

8. Build A Coffee Table

This is perhaps the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. A small
coffee table is something that everyone will adore.

Make sure that your coffee table is compact and has a small size so that it does not occupy a huge space
in the room.

Give elegant designs to the coffee table according to your choice and put it up for sale. You will only need a few hours or maybe one whole day to build this one.

The tools that you require are a handsaw, measuring tape, jigsaw, pencil, screwdriver, etc., for building the table.

Click on the link below if you want more profitable ideas on what to build.

9. Building a Christmas Tree

If Christmas is around the corner, you can make a wooden Christmas tree with wooden blocks.

This is a little complicated in comparison to the other woodworking projects, but you will definitely come across a number of buyers. 

This is one of the best outdoor as well as indoor decor pieces.

10. Building Wooden Shelves

Customers who are constantly looking for classy bookshelves can be surprised with the wooden shelves. Wooden shelves can be made without any hassle and difficulty and you do need a lot of time for doing this.

It is one of the best and undoubtedly the easiest project that you can make and sell. You can choose any design from the internet as there are plenty available, or you can also ask your customers about the designs that they prefer.

With the minimal woodworking skill that you have, you can do this project with a lot of ease.

11. Building a Coffee Cup Rack

Build a coffee cup rack with the help of the wooden pallets. This is also an quick idea as it does not take much time.

Coffee racks can be sold easily as they are compact and can be used for other purposes as well.

This is a perfect woodwork that you can sell even if you have little or no skills.

12. Shelving


While you consider a wooden shelf for your room, you can think of anything ranging modern to rustic shelves depending on the ambiance of the room.

Shelves in your house can be a great organizing unit in the house to place different items for each reach. They always are high demand woodworking projects.

However, prior consideration of the shelve model and size is very important when you consider purchasing one. You can either have them beside your bed in a small size or backside door in a large size if you are looking for good storage space.

13. Entryway Organizer

You can consider having entry-level organizers in your foyer area to have convenient accesses to the needed items like vehicle keys, mobile, letters, and some other needed items.

The organizers do not need you to be professional wood makers. Few pieces of hanging hooks, glue and wood pieces cut in different sizes will get the job for you.

While you make one, keep in mind that entry level organizer should have options to hang keys, place letters and mobiles.

Entryway Organizer

14. Step Stool

step stool

Every house today is equipped with modern cupboards that vary in different sizes where few have the easy reach, and few need an effort.

Having step stool will make your modern kitchen complete. This handmade wood product can be made with small material hence is a simple woodworking project at low cost.

15. Chair Side Bookcase

Do you have the habit of reading books during leisure? If yes, the chair side bookcase will assist your need at best.

You can arrange your favorite list of books for a convenient pick. A simple variation to the woodworking project will make a hot cake and complement armchair.

They can be a popular addition to your modern homes

chair side bookcase

16. Blanket chest

Blanket chest

The product blanket chest can be of great utility to any some. It gives quick storage space for the items that have to be kept aside for a while.

You can store unused blankets and pillows during the day and pick them back at night. It is one of the ideal handmade wood products that sell easily since there is a demand for every home which makes it a hot choice.

While you are crafting woodworking project, importance should be given to durability, finish, and quality. Inside design and construction can be kept simple.

17. Personalized Wine Rack

The personalized wine rack is another simple and easy woodworking project. You can make it easily in an hour with the normal tools.

However, power tools are suggested for a quick makeover. You need tools like a circular saw to cut the pallet in the desired shape and follow the procedure by sanding and drilling holes on the pallets to hold glasses. You should patch them up and hang on the wall.

Personalized Wine Rack

18. Candleholder


This is a good woodworking project that can be considered if you are a beginner. In spite of technology wrapping up the world, candles have not lost their presence.

You can make them easily with one block of wood. You need to paint them attractively to make a good selling product.

19. Magazine Storage Containers

These wooden magazine storage containers are a good way to archive your favorite magazines rather than throwing them in a pile.

They keep your magazines at your fingertips. Keep the bins 6 feet height for a perfect fit of magazines.

Magazine Storage Containers

20. Kitchen Carvings

Kitchen Carvings

This is an interesting woodworking project that can be handled by anyone.

The wooden kitchen carvings like spoons and ladles are high on demand. As people are using these wooden carvings large in number, you can easily make a big sale.



These woodworking projects are ideal because they are the best woodworking money makers. The best part is that they can be crafted easily even if you are not experienced.

If that's not already enough, we have more ways about how to make money woodworking from home if you follow the link on the left.

The only thing that is required is passion and love for the work. With these two qualities, you can make more money than you could ever have imagined.

If you want a step by step woodworking program that holds your hand from start to finish, we recommend Ted’s course.