Ted’s Woodworking 16,000 Plan Review 2020

teds woodworking

AndrewHi, I’m Andrew, I am an experienced woodworker.

Woodworking and carpentry are an age-old trade that has been helping people shape the world around them for thousands of years.

In addition to the practical uses for all the items that you can build, woodworking also provides a sense of pride in the fact that you built something with your own two hands.

In our modern world, most everyone has access to the tools and supplies that are necessary to accomplish a wide array of projects, from a simple coffee table to an exquisite gazebo.

With the right tools, determination, and a do-it-yourself spirit, you are well on your way to completing impressive projects for your home.

In reality, however, there is one more piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked and under-valued.

When all the supplies are bought, and all the tools are accounted for, there is still one crucial ingredient necessary for a successful project.

This important component is a detailed plan and instructions.

For some simpler projects, you may be able to find decent tutorials on the internet that will get the job done.

When it comes to the larger, complex, and more rewarding endeavors, it pays to have a detailed overview of what the project will look like.

From the first steps through the final product, a comprehensive vision is a key to a great end result.

Teds Woodworking Plans Makes It Easier…

teds woodworking

If you’re like me, then this is where the rubber meets the road.

I’ve always had a bit of a knack for handiwork, and naturally, pick up on the use of tools.

I’m also quite good at following instructions and achieving the desired results.

The area where I am lacking is in the knowledge that comes through experience.

When a contractor builds a skyscraper, they don’t just gather a bunch of materials to the sire and then start randomly assembling pieces in order to hopefully, eventually end up with a magnificent structure.

Of course, they start with detailed planning and designing, relying on the knowledge and expertise of professional designers and builders.

Woodworking projects in your own shop are no different.

While I may have the skills and tools required to build a patio on the back of my house, I do not have the skillset required to create plans and figure out the step by step needed to arrive at the end result.

That’s where a program called Ted’s Woodworking comes in.

With over 16,000 detailed and intuitive project plans, there is something for everyone.

No matter what the scale of your project, or your personal experience level, this program can help you achieve your “DIY” dreams.

In this review, we will dive into what Ted’s Woodworking is all about, how it can improve the way you do woodwork and the pros and cons to choosing Ted’s Woodworking.

What’s Included In Teds Woodworking Plans?

As we mentioned, Ted’s Woodworking contains more than 16,000 detailed plans for a variety of woodworking and carpentry projects for both experts and beginners alike.

While some other programs require a certain level of prior knowledge in the woodworking industry, Ted’s focuses an enormous amount of time and effort toward helping novice woodworkers build up their skills.

full package

Instead of being steeped in technical jargon, this program uses simple and easy to understand language that guides you through every detailed step in a project.

A combination of specific instructions and accurate visual depictions, including measurements, provides you with everything you need to know about your next project.

When you purchase this guide, you are receiving unfettered online access to the largest library of detailed woodworking plans in the world.

Compiled during the last 25+ years, this collection comes courtesy of two highly qualified and professional woodworkers named Ted Mcgrath and Jim Hanks.

By taking advantage of the combined knowledge and expertise of these two men, you can save yourself the money of paying someone else to do your projects, while at the same time developing and perfecting your own skills.

On top of this, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you created something functional and stunning with your own two hands.

On top of the thousands of already available plans, with your purchase of Ted’s Woodworking, you will receive new plans each month, as well as support via email and woodworking forums.

In addition, you will be able to download resources that help you improve your general woodworking skills and techniques through easy to follow tutorial videos.

If you prefer, they even offer to send DVD’s of current plans straight to your home. The best part is that it is a one-time fee of just $67.

Yes, that is correct: no monthly subscription fee, no upgrade or maintenance charges.

For a limited time, there is also an opportunity to receive a number of bonuses with your purchase. The first bonus material is a DWG/CAD plan viewer that will allow you to open, view, measure, and even edit with the plans downloaded from the site.

Since most software with this type of capability can sell for thousands of dollars, this is a great addition to an already inexpensive purchase.

bonus package

The next bonus is a collection of 150 premium videos that cover a variety of topics.

Each is hosted by a seasoned woodworker and includes step by step guidance from start to finish of detailed projects.

New videos are being added all the time, so you’ll continue to benefit from this long after your initial purchase.

On top of being a master woodworker, Ted Mcgrath is also a renowned author of several books on the topic.

That is why the final bonuses come in the form of two great books.

The first is a comprehensive guide to turning your passion or hobby into a steady flow of income.

It includes all the necessary insight to start your own business, such as:

  • Marketing and sales tips
  • How to locate suppliers and competitors
  • Matters dealing with taxes, accounting, and licenses
  • Job contracting

The final bonus is Ted’s Complete Woodworking Guides.

This guide containing 200+ pages of valuable tips, tricks, drawings, photographs, and diagrams.

“Winging” It


Before I knew about Ted’s Woodworking, it was always a challenge to find quality plans that were complete enough to save me the time lost from making mistakes and getting confused between steps.

Access to detailed plans is just as important as any tool hanging in your garage, and even more so if you plan to avoid the time-consuming trial and error that accompanies “on-the-fly” building.

The fact is, many of us are not equipped with the necessary skills to design complex pieces of woodwork, and most plans that you are able to find will only take you so far.

In many cases, they may seem to show the overview of major “steps,” but still fail to zero in on the nitty gritty details that are crucial to a project.

Even the ones that do provide a detailed “look” at what is going on often tend to be lacking in accurate dimensions and detailed patterns.

This inevitably leads to a failure to achieve the best result.

It is a little bit like the feeling you get when you finish assembling a complex product, only to find that you have a part left over.

In the end, you have to backtrack to the spot where a step was missed or unclear to fix the issue, and then redo all the steps for a second time.

And that is only if you are lucky enough and haven’t completely missed the opportunity to correct an error.

You may think that I made the mistake of only looking for “free” plans, but I have stumbled across a few other paid options as well.

The main challenge I found with these programs was that they are not “dumbed down” to my level as a DIY’er.

If you are somewhat new to the world of woodworking, these types of programs can be more confusing than helpful.

They are littered with technical jargon that people familiar with the industry may know about, but that flies over the heads of average citizens.

They also have a tendency to breeze through or gloss over some of the finer points, taking for granted that their audience will be experienced enough to fill in the blanks.

While they may be well-intentioned, the lack of focus on using plain terms ultimately puts them on another level than your home-grown handyman.

The Good and the Bad

With more than 24,000 satisfied customers, there are a number of features that make Ted’s Woodworking so appealing.

Despite all the good aspects of this program, nothing is without its faults.

Some of the pros and cons associated with Ted’s Woodworking are:


  • One-time low payment for lifetime access
  • New content available each month
  • The freedom of tackling DIY projects at your own pace
  • Suitable for all levels of skill and experience
  • Great for hobbyists or entrepreneurs seeking profits alike
  • Detailed and clear plans and instructions
  • Lucrative limited time bonus offers including a free CAD package, videos, and several books
  • Step by step videos for many projects
  • 16,000+ projects to choose from
  • 60-day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with what you see


  • Due to the sheer volume of content, they supply (16,000+!) you are bound to run into plans for projects you don’t care for
  • Some of the videos are not as high quality as others
  • Certain projects appear to be nearly identical to others, perhaps with just a few minor tweaks
  • The refund process for some has been described as slow, which can make it a hassle
  • A number of the plans seem to be identical to other resources that are available for free online
  • Heavily online based, so may not be great for those who aren’t tech savvy


As we mentioned previously, Ted’s Woodworking is a very affordable option whether you are looking to start up your own business or just enjoying a hobby.

For just $67, all of the quality plans we have talked about can be at your fingertips, without a repeating monthly subscription fee.


The original price of this program is $297, so you will want to be sure not to miss out on this limited time offer.

To put this in perspective, for the cost of one cheap piece of furniture, you can have the ability to download plans for making any furniture you desire for the rest of your life.

With the guidance of this program, you will never have to settle for over-priced or cheaply manufactured furnishings.

Instead, you can take the quality and craftsmanship of your projects into your own hands.

If after looking into all of this you are still unsure about making a purchase, Ted has personally guaranteed your investment.

If you are not satisfied to the utmost with your purchase, simply file a claim for a refund within 60 days of your purchase date.

This can be done conveniently through their website and funds are typically returned within one week of reporting.

With this promise to return your money for any reason within 2 months from your purchase, you really have nothing to lose!

Final Thoughts About Teds Woodworking Plan

AndrewThe list of potential projects that you can go for is endless.

Common items include cupboards, bed frames, chairs, treasure chests, coffee tables, and more!

Ted’s Woodworking will allow you to build all this and more.

In a world filled with “cookie-cutter” products at every turn, you can set yourself apart with unique works of art.

The neighbors will look on with envy as they puzzle over how that dining room table did not come from a furniture store.

If you like your neighbor, perhaps you’ll even let them in on your little secret and stir up a bit of healthy competition!

At the end of the day, Ted’s Woodworking is a great option for those looking for guidance on carpentry projects of all kinds, so it is not a scam.

If working with your hands and rolling up your sleeves for all sorts of DIY projects is your thing, head over to Ted’s Woodworking and find out what they have to offer. If you want to learn more about woodworking, visit our homepage.

10 Top Selling DIY Woodworking Items In 2020

Are you looking for the best profitable woodworking projects that sell very well?

These days everyone is looking for that, but here’s the catch.

Unless you are already an experienced seller yourself, there is actually no way to determine if a woodworking project can generate you a lot of profits firsthand.

The closest thing you can do is to reference sites like Etsy or build something practical that every household will need and hence will most likely buy from you due to the practicality of the item and also your unique design and creativity that appeals to them.

It is important to note that it is always easier to fulfill demand than creating demand.

It will be easier to create wood projects and make money from the target audience who are interested in parenting, home decor, and kitchen, which is what we ourselves believe will sell the best.

But before you get all excited about building the projects and then selling your do-it-yourself woodworking projects, kind in mind, you have to be passionate and dedicated to your work and know the types of projects that you love to work on to create a masterpiece.

Only when you truly love the masterpiece you created, then can your customers like it themselves. They can tell from the design and workmanship of your items.

Please do not sell items that you do not love wholeheartedly yourself or create half-ass items.

Without further ado, take a look at the 10 best wood project ideas (in no particular order) that are easy to build and is selling every day online.

1. Crayon Holder

crayon holder

Photo credits: SunCatcherStudio

This is an interesting project by SunCatcher Studio. I would follow their plans and create a birthday cake-like crayon holder instead of a piano-like one.

I think a birthday cake crayon holder will look cute with the crayons on top acting like candles. Kids love cute stuff and they may actually get their parents to buy one for them.

2. Storage Box

Storage Box

Photo credits: woodworkingcorner

A wooden storage box is ideal to create if you don’t mind spending more time to build one.

One thing good about building a wood storage box is that it can be sold for a higher price and hence the amount of money you can make if you don’t mind the extra time needed to create one.

The folks over at woodworking corner have laid out a great plan just for that.

3. DIY Box Shelves

Box Shelves

Photo credits: familyhandyman

Don’t be fooled by its appearance! This entire box shelf was formed by joining many individual smaller boxes together. Here’s a full tutorial by Family Handy Man to help you with the creation process.

Generally speaking, home decor wood projects do pretty well in online sales so don’t miss out on this.

4. Children’s Blocks

Making Children Blocks

Photo credits: billpentz

This is probably one of the easiest projects to build. Toy building blocks are great for children and parents where they can spend quality time together at home. Since the blocks are quite plain looking, make them look better with your own unique design.

Bill Pentz has a great building plan for this project.

5. Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Photo credits: minwax

Wine racks are great to make because wine lovers love their wines and will love a rack to hold their wines too. Follow the guys at minwax for a complete tutorial.

All you need to do is to follow their step by step guide and you are good to go. Be sure to make your wine rack more uniquely designed and stand out from your competition and you should be able to make good profits from it.

6. Wooden Cutting Board

Cutting Board

Photo credits: instructables

When I first looked at this item at the instructables, I couldn’t resist looking away. This piece of wooden cutting board is my personal favorite project that I have looked at so far.

What I like most about the item are its classy stripes and the finish.

Keep in mind that you will need to pick the best wood quality for this project though. It can be sold for a high price due to its classy looking finish and design.

7. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

Photo credits: popularwoodworking

For some unexplainable reasons, this jewelry box looks especially appealing to me, especially the one in the middle above.

A jewelry box is considered high-end and can be sold for $40 or more which is excellent for your choice. Popular woodworking has a detailed tutorial to help you create this masterpiece.

Do note that you will need to install a chain on a beautiful piece of wood (especially on the ends) to make the holder for the jewelry box. I will definitely make this item if I were you.

8. Phone Charging Station

DIY Cell Phone Charging Station

Photo credits: pinspiredtodiy

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Today, almost everyone will have a smartphone and the chances of buying a phone charging station are very high which makes this item a great choice to make.

The only downside to making this item is that the perceived value is not that high unless you add in a special element to the design, for instance, by making it look classier which you can then justify for selling at a higher price.

Follow the tutorial by Pinspired To DIY and include this as one of your selling items. By achieving more sales with this docking station, you can easily stack your profits.

9. Square Wooden Stacker

Square Wooden Stacker

Photo credits: weefolkart

The stack blocks is a good toy to have for kids. Kids love it when they see colorful eye-catching things. Parents love it as it is durable and fun to play with kids.

It also stimulates problem-solving skills in kids. This is one of the simpler projects to create yet can perform in sales.

Weefolkart will teach you how to create the wooden stackers if you follow its tutorial to the tee.

10. Custom Chess Board

chess board

Photo credits: jayscustomcreations

The custom chess board is a high ticket item that you don’t want to miss out on. It is popular among chess lovers and is high in demand online as a result.

Use the best wood quality to improve the overall quality and you can sell for a higher price. Check out the tutorial by Jays Custom Creations to build out this beast.


These woodworking projects are ideal because they have the potential to become the best woodworking money makers since they are already selling well now.

However, do not directly copy their ideas, what you should do is to model after the successful selling ones, and improve on it, design your own unique version based on your creativity.

The best part is that they can be crafted without much time even if you are not experienced or are a complete beginner.

The only thing that is required is passion and love for the work.

With these two qualities combined, you are ready to make money from woodworking.

If you want to improve your woodworking skills or want access to 16000 woodworking plans that hold you step-by-step from start to finish, read our review here or go to our home page to learn more stuff.

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