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Cupboard Doors

Cupboard doors Front  viewHere we see pictures of two pairs of cupboard doors that we made recently both odd sizes of course and one pair cut to fit the shape of a roof angle as you can see in the pictures both pairs of doors are made from North American Poplar (Tulip Wood). They are tongue and grooved and vee jointed together and ledged and braced on the back.Cupboard doors back view








cupboard doors 2


oak cupboard doorThis door was made to just blend in with the paneling under the stairs, we made the door and the paneling and as you can see it is made from first quality European oak, which matches in with the Oak flooring. 




MDF painted door







This door is another made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) because it takes a paint finish very well. It is also cut at an angle to fit under a staicase with the panel above the door matching exactly. All of these examples had to be purpose made as none of them could be obtained from a stock door supplier.









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