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As well as making lots of doors and windows, kitchens, and large pieces of furniture, we also get asked to make various pieces of equipment for use by horse lovers. Being situated on a farm surrounded by horses and riders and with a love of horses myself, making  these items makes a pleasant change from the normal type of work. Of course we have made plenty of stable doors Tack and feed room doors and windows, but we also make smaller items that the horse owner finds very useful.

Mounting Block

Mounting BlockThe picture on the right shows a Mounting Block (or step) that we made this one was made from 19mm external grade plywood bolted together for strength and so that it could be taken apart for transport purposes this being mainly delivery.





Tack Boxes


Tack box1We have also made various tack boxes this Box pictured on the left is made from 9mm plywood to keep the weight down to a minimum you will notice it has a very deep lid section. This box was made to take a standard plastic grooming tray inside but also leaving space for items used less often like bottles of fly spray or leather polish.







Tack box openThis next picture shows the box open with the standard plastic grooming tray in place. As you can see the deep lid allows for brushes and curry combs to stand up in the lid space. When the plastic tray is removed there is still plenty of space underneath for all those less used items.








Girth strap Tightener

Girth Tightener 1Another item I was asked to make was a girth strap tightener. (I have heard it called a belly buster)  This not very nice piece of equipment but it does serve a purpose for some horse owners. If you have difficulty in tightening the girth straps either because your horse blows his or her stomach out or the leather is very stiff this little gadget might help. One elderly lady I made one for just didn't quite have the strength to get the buckle in the correct hole so this helped her a lot.


girth tightener 2 This picture shows the Girth strap tightener in use. I think the picture is self explanatory you just thread the girth strap through the gap between the main body of the tightener and the handle, the handle grips the strap when you apply upward pressure allowing you to tighten the girth more easily.