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Lighting Desks



Soon after DM Woodworking started 1980 we were introduced to the directors of EFS Celco Ltd a newly formed company Manufacturing the worlds first computer controlled lighting control desks for use in theatres and touring concert productions. The design team at EFS Celco were brilliant with micro chips and electronics but not so good at woodworking. The first desk they built was the Gamma range, this just required us making the correct size and shape Mahogany end cheeks to be screwed on to the metal chassis. This was a relatively simple job and as they were not selling very many of these at the time it did not take up too much time.

By 1982 The EFS Celco designers were well on the way with plans for a new more sophisticated lighting control desk, with this new product they involved us with design of the wooden parts of the new desk. This included choice of the most suitable timber and finishes.

Series 2

series 2 30 way During the design period of this new product the EFS part of the name was dropped and the company became Celco Ltd and the new desk was called the Celco series 2 range of products. The desk pictured here is the smallest of the range, the 30 channel desk. The wood is Japanese Oak polished with cellulose sealer and two part acid catalyst Lacquer. The arm rest on the front of the desk has a plywood base, foam padded and covered with black leatherette. 




The range also consisted of a sixty channel and a ninety channel desk. As the names suggests each desk was twice the size of the smaller one  the ninety channel desk  pictured here has the introduction of a strip of Oak between the arm rest and the front panel. The arm rest on all of these desks was made to be easily removable to gain easy access to the front panel retaining screws.

series 2 90 way








 By the Mid 1980,s all the of the range were selling well, and fast becoming the Industry standard in lighting control The Designers at Celco never ones to rest had another plan, take the basic ninety channel model and improve it. They updated all the electronics made it work faster and do more things with lights and sequences than was previously possible while they were doing all this they completly redesigned the Oak cabinet. After much trial and error working on different shapes and styles the Celco Gold was born.

Celco Gold

The end panels were twice the thickness and depth of the old ninety another Oak rail was added along the back of the desk. Two drawers were put under the main console to take a built in QWERTY keyboard and the latest (at the time)Celco Gold  Sony professional walkman.in one and a drawer for keeping cue sheets and other odds and ends  The arm rest was made from the finest real leather. and the whole desk sat up on a black plinth. This desk not only looked good it worked very well and by the late 80s was used on nearly every major touring prodution in the world.  






CP 20xt

More recently we were approached by Group one Elektralite in New York  to make a surround for their new desk the Elektralite CP 20 xt. We worked closely with them to come up with another well designed and built product. This time we moved away from the more traditional Oak for a lighter more up to date look of steamed Beech. The surround is very simple but effective with clean smooth lines all round. Elektralite CP 20 xt