How To Cheaply DIY, Design And Build Your Shed From Scratch?

When you have a bigger yard surrounding the large house, you need to have a small shed in the outer space for a garage. Many are under the misconception that making a shed outside is an expensive affair. However, throughout the article you will learn to DIY and build a your very own shed from scratch at a cheaper price .

Before you read through the step by step guide for building a shed, it is equally important to know if building a DIY shed is cheaper? If yes how is it possible.

Is it cheaper to build your shed?

If you are thinking about building new shed yourself, this is the first question that crops up your mind. You should now be able to decide between building your shed or outsourcing to save a few bucks.

Choosing the building materials wisely will help you build the shed at a cheaper price. Choose the materials like OSB siding, wood foundation, cost-cutting custom door and easy arch top windows to make your shed construction cheaper.

On the whole, you have to act wisely in choosing materials to make shed construction less expensive over hiring a contractor to build the same.

Designing shed 

Pick the type of shed you want

This is the first step in the designing part. You have to choose the type and size of the shed depending on the material you want to store. If you are storing the items that need protection from dampness and external weather conditions, you may perhaps have to consider insulating it.

Create a sheds plan

Get the blueprint of the shed to ensure it is strong and durable. The blueprint also helps in fetching the necessary resources and keeping them handy to complete the job on time. Don’t forget to check local regulations before you start the project to avoid any discrepancies later.

Choice of materials

This part of designing has a lot of importance. You have to choose the material depending on design as well as the type of design as well as personal preferences. If you are looking for solid construction, you can pick a brick, or if you are looking for a quick fix, wood would be a viable option.

However, you should ensure not to compromise on the roof of the shed because you don’t want dirt piling up in the shed. Considering wood pallets for the roof will not only make easy but also complete the project at a lower cost.

Building the shed

After designing part  is done , next comes the process of building. Here is step by step guide to help you build the shed in no time.

Laying the foundation

After you have sourced up the required material for building shed, you should start the project by laying the foundation. I recommend you to pick the location that is out of the way yet have a convenient accesses. The ground you choose to build the shed should be flat.

If it is not, consider digging it to make it flat. You can even consider placing a concrete block to make it flat. I then put the four flat large wooden pallets on the surface to build the foundation. If you plan for a large shed, consider placing four pallets, mine was small so, picked only two.

Add the floor

You should consider flooring the pallets with the plywood. Though there are many alternative options available, plywood tends to cheaper go. You should cut the size of the plywood to fit the pallet size and screw it into the place. Now, the floor of your garden shed is ready.

Frame up the walls and roof

You should start framing the sides of the garden shed. This length of the roof will be equal to the combined size of pallets at the bottom. Once you have these measurements, you have to cut in 2X4 range and lay it on the skinny part of the board supporting and screw it into the place.

The same process is repeated on the other side as well. Now, you have to decide the tall of the shed and work on the step. You will add the desired number of pallets to suit the height. You will make them stand vertically on the board and screw them up.

The job is done on both sides to support walls. You then have to use 2X4 cut wooden pallets to connect farming walls which turns the shape of a rectangle and give that desired support for the roof. Now, your garden frame up is ready, and you are on for the next job.

Add siding and roof

This is the most crucial and dangerous step of building the shed. You need to be extra cautious if you are handing with the metal. It has sharp cuts so, usage of gloves is recommended when you are on the job.

You need to cut the metal according to the width of your garden shed. Once they are made, I nailed them on the sides of the garden shed with the help of screws.

After you are done working on the sides and back of the shed, you should cut the material according to the size of the roof of the shed. While screwing them on the roof, be sure to overlap material to avoid any water seepage inside the shed during the rainy season.

Front door

Now comes your job of working on the front doors of the shed. The job is similar to framing the sides of the shed. You just need to frame it out and add metal siding. Alternatively, you can consider buying a readymade door too.

To keep your shed organised, you can consider having some wooden shelves to store items. You can also create a shelf bracket and place it on the wall for easy organising of things in your shed.

They can be a good storage space for nails and tools to keep them not only secure but also make them easy to accesses during garden work.

Here is a great video if you prefer watch a video instead.


There you have it! Those are the steps required to create your very own shed. If you are looking for a more detailed step-by-step shed plan, check out Teds' sheds plan to see if it's for you.