40 Easiest & Most Profitable DIY Crafts Ideas That Makes Money

40 Best & Easy Profitable DIY Crafts That Makes Most Money

What is Craft?

Craft is a creative imagination of the mind that is utilized in creating objects by way of various media.  Art can be anything from metal, wood, plaster or paper. In short, it can be said that craft is a creation of artwork that is explored and designed by the human mind. It is a profession that demands skills and creative know-how for making things with one’s own hands.

As these skills, namely; art, craft and design supports and services other subjects; it is also an introduction to potential careers pertaining to visual arts and creativity. Craft is a project which is fun-loving and at the same time can be made quickly and is easy to sell.

Let us have a look into some of the unique crafts to make and sell:

1. Easy Planters

Flowers have always been part of one’s lives as well as also decorate your house. The traditional planters are charming and give a modern touch, wherein some acrylic paints can also be used. I bet these plants will make for a super easy way to earn that extra cash!

2. Leopard Desk Pad

This pad adds a special personal touch to any room and turns the boring plain mouse pad into a comfortable and beautiful work of art!!

3. Hand Painted Footstool

The footstool is quite sturdy and can be used for sitting as well. It is a perfect piece of craft that can be gifted.

4. Miniature Clothespin Snowflakes

Adorn and beautify your tree with these handmade snowflakes. These cute little snowflakes look great on the Christmas tree.

5. Pencil Holder

A writer requires his/her needs – a pencil holder. They are the perfect place to keep it all – pens, pencils, highlighters, markers and more. It will look amazing and attractive as you can also personalize it with the teachers’ name and your school name.

6. Rustic Spring Mantle Decor

Spring mantles make everything look so beautiful! It could be a picture frame or a mirror or a piece of reclaimed wood or a chalkboard. It can be easily styled in numerous ways depending on the style. Paint it and wrap twine around both its ends for protecting it from scratches.

7. Easy Dream Banner

This cute little dream banner can be made to match any bedroom or could be created with different words.

8. Painted Pine Cone Wreath

There is never a wrong time for a wreath on your front door. Just hang up your painted pinecone wreath to add a festive touch to your front door!

9. Candy Bouquet

These are the best alternatives to flowers that never fade or die. It gives a lasting impression and is perfect for creative and non-creative people.

10. Board Game Jewelry

This game will work with everything from a checkers board to Candy land and is eco-friendly too.

11. Scout Board

It is comfortable as the user can carry it anywhere even on crowded public transportation. It can be easily folded and carried just like a skateboard. Your child is ready to roll without the fear of the little finger being caught!

12. Gingerbread Pudding Cups Tutorial

This is an activity that children and adults can engage in. It is very simple and amazing as well as affordable. These cups are fun for the kids and for the parties too.

13. Baby Bottle Sprinkles Centerpiece

As it is handmade, it is stylish, elegant and unique. This craft is a baby shower décor and at the same time is inexpensive too.

14. Reusable Dryer Sheets

Is made from all the natural ingredients such as distilled vinegar and essential oils. The cloths can be periodically washed.

15. Personalized Welcome Mat

Welcome your guests with this masterpiece!! This craft is fun loving and innovative and can be made with lots of designs and colors. You can make it the way you want as per your liking i.e. hard or soft for back and front door.

16. Glitter Coffee Mugs

The best thing about the glitter coffee mug is they come with a lid. Enjoy your day while you drink from a fancy mug.

17. Mother-Daughter Heart Pendants

These are the two separate necklaces featuring rose gold cut out heart disc for mother and a tiny heart charm for the daughter truly gives a touch of being unique.

18. T-shirt Pillow

A perfect pillow for your child’s bed or couch. Fluff that pillow of yours and get cozy with it.

19. Birthstone Bracelet

It symbolizes a brilliant, colorful expression of your spirit and personality. This craft is quite impressive as you can shower everyone with jewels!

20. Pearl Hairpins

They are extremely versatile wedding accessory and are elegant and delicate with a ton of sparkle made from simple metal hairpins and other easily available supplies.

21. Fruit Perler Bead Magnets

They appear vibrant and summery because of their bright and fruity designs. Back magnet on the back side of the fruit also makes it look more attractive.

22. Flower Pens

They can be used at the baby and bridal showers, birthday parties. They are the gateway for blossoming one’s creativity. It is less time consuming and a perfect gift too.

23. Easy Elastic Headband

Elastic headbands are versatile hair accessory and are much in use by young girls and women. Headbands are very useful for while doing sports and exercises. Various types of headbands are made from different materials.

24. Fabric and Lace Bow Tote

Since plastic bags don’t last, fabric bags guarantee long-term durability and withstand the greater weight and long distances. Lace bow tote makes a style statement for the younger genre.

25. Tic Tac Toe Board

This classic tic-tac-toe board is made of sustainable wood with lacquered touch and has an outstanding style. It helps in problem-solving skills as well as in abstract symbolic reasoning. It is easily portable and requires two players to play this game. The players choose their colored people to place them in the grid.

26. Rock Photo Holder

These crafts serve as a perfect homemade gift for father’s day/mother’s day, Christmas and also for a great summer camp craft!! This creative craft includes stones of various sizes and can be displayed at home for your special ones.

27. Studded iPhone Case

Various new designs have been created specifically for the iPhone. While the back of the iPhone is covered with durable glass, safeguarding your device with a case is indeed a brilliant idea! They are the durable and flexible case that grips around the edges of your phone.

28. Enamel Pin Banner

Pins are a great way to display your hobbies and other things that are an integral part of making you incredible and an amazing person.

29. Pop Socket

They are small plastic contraptions that ‘pop’ onto the back of your phone. It certainly reduces the risk of screen smash. They come in various colors and shapes to match with your clothes. They are popular, especially with the younger crowd.

30. Confetti Pencils

Colored pencils have come in a long way and in the hands of an experienced artist. They are portable, versatile and mix well with many mediums. They are also wonderful to use with the watercolor underpainting.

31. Paint Scrape Notecards

This easy scrape painting technique produces gorgeous abstract patterns in seconds. This technique is easy and a fun project to do with the kids. This process can be as basic or sophisticated as per your needs.

32. Birdseed Ornaments

It is an easy project with lots of decorations and a perfect craft for decorating a Christmas tree for the birds. They are extremely simple and easy to make and even hold their shape perfectly.

33. Bib Overalls Upcycled Purse

These purses/bags are comfortable to keep to yourself, give as gifts or sell them at craft fairs. You can always cut off your worn out pairs into bib overall shorts and if there is none to pass on, the good idea is to make them into a super cool bag/purse.

34. Etched Drinking Glasses

They are affordable as well as easy to make. There are endless possibilities with the etched glasses and it makes easy personalized gifts. There is a great way to personalize wine glasses or cocktail glasses with names or sayings.

35. Chalkboard Tray

Chalkboard trays are simply amazing, fun and at the same time useful and inexpensive. You can craft designs, write inspiring messages as well as scribble reminders or other notes on your tray.

36. Rustic Wooden Tealight Holders

It is firm and stable and looks amazing in a rustic wedding table set, lodge, rustic kitchen or dining room. It looks artistic and unique for all occasions and always in trend.

37. Pottery Fruit Bowls

These crafty bowls are inexpensive and easy to make. There are various types of fruit bowls such as – glass fruit bowl, metal fruit bowl, vintage fruit bowl, and wooden fruit bowl.

38. Vintage Button Necklace

Buttons are a fun, inexpensive craft medium that can be used for any number of different jewelry projects including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, pin rings, and hairpins and are easy to make.

39. Monogrammed Welcome Mat

Is made with a heavy rubber backing that anchors it in place while you dust off the dirt from your shoes. It is simple, easy as well as useful for all in general.

40. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are the perfect piece for a wedding, festival or any such occasion. Moreover, it is the simplest crafts and can be made in different variations. It can be made in a very easy manner and is also simple to maintain.
To sum up, there are end numbers of crafts with end number of ideas. The only effort required is to give them a touch of creativity to adorn and beautify them and to display the ideas in order to sell these crafts.