20 Top Selling Woodworking Items In 2019


Looking for the best and profitable woodworking projects that sell very well? It might not be an easy task but you can be assured that it is not something difficult as well.

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You might already be working on certain woodworking projects and you might be extremely passionate about it.

In order to sell your woodworking projects, you have to be passionate and dedicated to your work and know the types of projects that you can work on.

Without further ado, here are the 20 best selling wood projects in 2019!

1. Building a Storage Bed

You can consider building a storage bed of the size that you want. Ensure that your bed is elegant and classy so that it can be sold easily.

You can make a queen sized bed, which is perfect and can attract the customers, thereby allowing you to make money.

You can pair the bed with the help of the favorite headboards, which makes the bed functional and attractive.

If you are thinking that you need to be a professional to build this bed, you are wrong. If you are aware of certain basics, you can do it without any hassle.

2. Building an Outdoor Sofa

It is true that nothing can be better in comparison to enjoying the summer evenings lounging on the comfortable sofas.

If you purchase a piano sofa, there is no doubt about the fact that it will be costly. However, if you make it on your own, you can not only use it, but you can also make money off it.

You require beefed size of wood and connect them with the lag screws, or you can also use nails, biscuits, and glue. This is one of the best woodworking projects that you can sell.

3. Crafting Rustic Pumpkins

Halloween around the corner or you want to build a few decorative pieces? Well, you can build the rustic pumpkins. This elegant pumpkin can be made out of a single block of wood and again, there is no need to be highly skilled for doing this.

You can easily build this in a single day or if you are new to this, you can do it in three or four days. If you are planning to be making money off of woodworking projects, this is something that you should definitely consider.

4. Swinging Bed

Swinging beds are also perfect woodworking ideas which you can profit from. You can lay down on the swing bed during the summer evenings if you love your project so much that you do not consider selling it.

For doing this project, you will not need a huge list of amazing skills. Only the basic skills of the woodworking projects will be enough.

Make this swinging bed and you will be amazed by the response that you get.

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5. Building Pallet Dining Table

It might look difficult, but you need to know that it is not something very difficult. You can consider making this table if you are willing to sell a unique woodworking work.

It is not very difficult and you can do it within a day or two. Wooden dining tables are considered to be royal and elegant, and everyone will love purchasing this one.

6. Building Vertical Pallet Garden

During the summers, most people look for the vertical pallets for growing their plants. You can make the pallets out of the woodblocks and sell it.

This product will attract a number of buyers and you can be assured that you will be able to make money.

This is a trendy and popular project and also something extremely simple.

7. Building a Nightstand

There is not a single bedroom that does not have a nightstand. Many people are looking for the cheap wooden nightstands that look elegant and classy.

You can make a nightstand that will stand by the side of the bed, and have enough space for storing books and other things. A wooden nightstand cannot be replaced by anything else.

They can be created easily and in a cheap manner with the help of the wooden pallets. You can offer it for a low price in order to attract customers to buy this product.

This project will not only help in sharpening your skills but also make sure that you are making enough pocket money.

You can surf the internet for the designs and then select the one that you think is quick to pull through.

8. Build A Coffee Table

This is perhaps the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. A small
coffee table is something that everyone will adore.

Make sure that your coffee table is compact and has a small size so that it does not occupy a huge space
in the room.

Give elegant designs to the coffee table according to your choice and put it up for sale. You will only need a few hours or maybe one whole day to build this one.

The tools that you require are a handsaw, measuring tape, jigsaw, pencil, screwdriver, etc., for building the table.

Click on the link below if you want more profitable ideas on what to build.

9. Building a Christmas Tree

If Christmas is around the corner, you can make a wooden Christmas tree with wooden blocks.

This is a little complicated in comparison to the other woodworking projects, but you will definitely come across a number of buyers. 

This is one of the best outdoor as well as indoor decor pieces.

10. Building Wooden Shelves

Customers who are constantly looking for classy bookshelves can be surprised with the wooden shelves. Wooden shelves can be made without any hassle and difficulty and you do need a lot of time for doing this.

It is one of the best and undoubtedly the easiest project that you can make and sell. You can choose any design from the internet as there are plenty available, or you can also ask your customers about the designs that they prefer.

With the minimal woodworking skill that you have, you can do this project with a lot of ease.

11. Building a Coffee Cup Rack

Build a coffee cup rack with the help of the wooden pallets. This is also an quick idea as it does not take much time.

Coffee racks can be sold easily as they are compact and can be used for other purposes as well.

This is a perfect woodwork that you can sell even if you have little or no skills.

12. Shelving


While you consider a wooden shelf for your room, you can think of anything ranging modern to rustic shelves depending on the ambiance of the room.

Shelves in your house can be a great organizing unit in the house to place different items for each reach. They always are high demand woodworking projects.

However, prior consideration of the shelve model and size is very important when you consider purchasing one. You can either have them beside your bed in a small size or backside door in a large size if you are looking for good storage space.

13. Entryway Organizer

You can consider having entry-level organizers in your foyer area to have convenient accesses to the needed items like vehicle keys, mobile, letters, and some other needed items.

The organizers do not need you to be professional wood makers. Few pieces of hanging hooks, glue and wood pieces cut in different sizes will get the job for you.

While you make one, keep in mind that entry level organizer should have options to hang keys, place letters and mobiles.

Entryway Organizer

14. Step Stool

step stool

Every house today is equipped with modern cupboards that vary in different sizes where few have the easy reach, and few need an effort.

Having step stool will make your modern kitchen complete. This handmade wood product can be made with small material hence is a simple woodworking project at low cost.

15. Chair Side Bookcase

Do you have the habit of reading books during leisure? If yes, the chair side bookcase will assist your need at best.

You can arrange your favorite list of books for a convenient pick. A simple variation to the woodworking project will make a hot cake and complement armchair.

They can be a popular addition to your modern homes

chair side bookcase

16. Blanket chest

Blanket chest

The product blanket chest can be of great utility to any some. It gives quick storage space for the items that have to be kept aside for a while.

You can store unused blankets and pillows during the day and pick them back at night. It is one of the ideal handmade wood products that sell easily since there is a demand for every home which makes it a hot choice.

While you are crafting woodworking project, importance should be given to durability, finish, and quality. Inside design and construction can be kept simple.

17. Personalized Wine Rack

The personalized wine rack is another simple and easy woodworking project. You can make it easily in an hour with the normal tools.

However, power tools are suggested for a quick makeover. You need tools like a circular saw to cut the pallet in the desired shape and follow the procedure by sanding and drilling holes on the pallets to hold glasses. You should patch them up and hang on the wall.

Personalized Wine Rack

18. Candleholder


This is a good woodworking project that can be considered if you are a beginner. In spite of technology wrapping up the world, candles have not lost their presence.

You can make them easily with one block of wood. You need to paint them attractively to make a good selling product.

19. Magazine Storage Containers

These wooden magazine storage containers are a good way to archive your favorite magazines rather than throwing them in a pile.

They keep your magazines at your fingertips. Keep the bins 6 feet height for a perfect fit of magazines.

Magazine Storage Containers

20. Kitchen Carvings

Kitchen Carvings

This is an interesting woodworking project that can be handled by anyone.

The wooden kitchen carvings like spoons and ladles are high on demand. As people are using these wooden carvings large in number, you can easily make a big sale.



These woodworking projects are ideal because they are the best woodworking money makers. The best part is that they can be crafted easily even if you are not experienced.

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The only thing that is required is passion and love for the work. With these two qualities, you can make more money than you could ever have imagined.

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