Honest 2018 Review Of Ted’s Woodworking Plan

photo of teds wood working

Do you have an interest in woodworking and DIY projects? Well, who does not want to make something out of the wood for themselves once in a while?

I certainly do, but for that, I always look for a guide because woodwork needs attention and tools that are not used in other DIY projects.

Wooden work is hard but fun, you just need the right guidance. When I decided to learn woodworking I searched for the best woodworking guides online and found Ted’s woodworking.

Do you also want to learn wood working without wasting any additional money? Well here is an idea, the new Ted’s wood working provides you with unlimited plans and ideas to build the most amazing things you can.

This plan is basically for the people who are looking for Do-it-yourself projects at home, you can easily find the for Woodworking is an interesting art and many people like to make wooden things at home because they like to do it.

However, even if you want to start a little business of yours in that requires wooden work and you need to polish your skills for it then Teds woodworking is your chance to learn just by sitting at home.

What is The Ted’s Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking project is basically an online program to learn wood working. It has over 16000 designs available that you can learn from, the program gives step by step instructions.

Along with the small designs like chairs and tables it also provides the designs for big furniture, patio construction, and repair.

You can easily learn your desired wooden projects with simple techniques and woodworking plan available in the program to learn everything easily and quickly with the greatest outcomes possible.

Some people who are already skilled and only learning to polish their skills skip the beginning steps and jump to the building part to learn faster.

Along with the videos, you will find blueprints and instructions so that the learner understands better and does not make simple small mistakes that can ruin the whole project.

This project is very organized so you will not have any hard time finding your desired design. It has an A-Z list of plans so that you can find the projects easily. Ted’s Wood working plans generally contain;

  • Step-By-Step Instructions;

It is a design that is organized in a list from A-Z which makes it easier and faster for the learner. It also saves time when you are looking for your desired design.

  • Cutting & Materials Lists

You do not have to be an expert to follow the instructions because the instructions are very simple and detailed.

Every design has lists available for what materials will be required? Also, it is available in the details of how the wood will be cut and glued.

  • Detailed Diagrams

The blueprints are available along with every design. You do not have to Google anything or read the instructions again and again.

The diagram is right in front of you, and you will know the exact measurement.

  • Views From All Angles

All the diagrams will be provided with the views from all the angles. So that you know how your product is supposed to look like. If you have made any mistake then you can correct it at the moment.


Teds Wood Working comes with many bonuses as well to be sum up, these are some of the free resources that will be provided to you along with the plan;

  • It offers 150 Premium Woodworking Videos for free which is more than $70 in the market if you purchase it.
  • It provides a guide for startups on How to Start a Woodworking Business, which is very helpful and gives all the details on the wood working business in the market.
  • Normally the Complete Woodworking Guides are very expensive in the market, however, Ted is providing it for free along the plan.
  • You will also get FREE Lifetime Updates.


  • It has more than 16000 designs with the organized step by step instructions, and you will not have any problem finding your favorite project.
  • While making a project you will not have any project since you will have the instructions, videos, and blueprints all available for you at the moment.
  • You have got the lifelong access to contact the instructor.
  • It is a much cheaper way to learn wood working rather than taking wood working classes.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee.


  • It might not have complete 16000 videos as claimed on the cover or advertised.
  • It is not available offline.
  • If you do not read the instructions you might ruin your project because this work is technical and if you will not read along with the videos then the results might be faulty.
  • Some of the videos are just simply put on YouTube.  It might just to fill up the 16000 videos space. Some of the videos just are not worth watching.

Who is Ted?

Before we go any further we should know who is the artist and founder behind the very famous Ted’s Woodworking.

Ted is an instructor and a woodworking artist He became a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute over 36 years ago, although he is now retired he has now built Ted’s wood working to allow others to learn his techniques. He has been learning wood working since he was a kid.

Benefits of Learning Wood Working;

  1. You will have Physical Health Benefits

This requires carrying around wood and other materials, maybe you have to run up and down the stairs as well. These exercises increase the physical activity and improve physical health.

The process can help your body and heart and keep you fit. To keep working hard it is very important to keep your body in shape and healthy.

If you remain physically fit your mind will also focus on the work you are doing and it will also reduce the risk of many diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes and many others.

  1. You will Learn Do-it-yourself;

DIY is the best way to learn wood working. You do not need a saw from the start to learn the wood work. You can just start from the old broken furniture or a yard sale, the cheaper the better.

I love DIY, and a lot of things in my room has been refurbished and recolored to make it look new. The old vintage wood always gives a classy look, you can always pick one of those and re-paint it in the brighter color or just polish them.

If the old furniture has a cloth or vinyl that is wearing off you can just put a patterned cloth and staple on it so it looks new. All these techniques are easy and available on Ted’s Wood Working, you can easily follow them renovate your house.

  1. Saving Money;

You can totally save your money by leaning wood working. Buying new furniture every once in a while can be expensive. If you will learn how to mend it and make it from scratch then you know how to live under a budget.

In fact, the most expensive furniture is your patio furniture, but it is the easiest to make. Going to home improvement or furniture stores to buy patio furniture can be quite costly.

Do-it-yourself furniture and small things like lamps can save you a lot of money. If you learn to renovate and the old furniture then that is the biggest achievement and cost-effective decoration of your house.

Wood Working As a Career;

Many people have a talent and they want to choose woodworking as a career option. However, the tools used in wood working are dangerous so everyone needs to be very careful and very cautious.

Even if you have skills and talent you need a teacher to learn a little bit to refine those abilities and guide you to the right path.

Not everyone can afford to take the woodworking classes they are quite an investment and most of the people who are thinking of choosing wood working as a career option are working already so they do not have time to take classes.

Ted’s Wood working is cost effective and time-saving guide to help you learn wood working in just a few days. You can download the videos on your phone and learn wherever you go but it is better to apply practically.

Most people choose carpentry as a career because it is their own business and they do not have to work for someone else.

You can learn about the business and its value in the market from the guide How to Start a Woodworking Business, provided with the plan.

How Has It Benefited Me?

Like I mentioned above, I am a fan of DIY and I wanted an inexpensive guide to teach me wood working since I wanted to learn a new skill in the holidays.

So I learned about Ted’s Wood Working from a friend and that it has about 16000 designs with blueprints. At first, I did not believe her, however, when I saw the website I got convinced and ordered it.

I am not an expert woodworker now but I have learned a lot by the help of instructions. However, since this plan is for the beginners it was easier for me to learn because it provided every step of information so I learned a lot.

I watched the videos mostly and where ever I got stuck I followed the instructions. I knew I was not greatest so I started with the smaller things, Googled for the easiest things for the beginners in woodworking to build so I could learn faster.

There are some plans that teach you unique designs like cutwork, for which you will need more accessories or tools.

They are pretty cool designs, however, first, you need to warm up a little bit to try those designs. I tried those design on an old Chester drawer and it looked fantastic, it gives a very vintage look.

Is it a Scam?

I read a lot of reviews that said it is a scam and Ted has copied the material provided in the program from other websites.

And the videos available in the package are easily available on YouTube and Vimeo already. I did not know that before I bought this program, because I wanted to learn something new and I got everything in one package.

People have also provided the link for the guaranteed money back, I will not ask for my money back because I have learned a great deal from this program.

I now have a new skill over the holidays and a lot of new things in my house that I have made myself and I am proud of it.

Although, I was disappointed because the quality of the videos was not very good and there were not 16000 videos as promised. But I was not going to watch all the 16000 of them anyway.


Overall, I am happy with the product and I will recommend it to people who want to learn wood working for DIY and recreational purposes.

However, if you want to start a career in wood working look for a more reliable source and better video quality.

Although, the courses are organized and easy, and provides you all kind of information the videos can take minutes to load. Other online courses might not provide you with all the information like instructions and blueprints, so they are totally useless for the beginners like me.

Normally videos that are available on YouTube just gives essential facts for the experienced woodworkers and the beginners do not understand a word.

In this course, you can choose your own design and their program has all the information available already. It is like the database of the wood working.